Ing. Lindita GJEKA

graduated as electrotechnical engineer,Techinal Leader of Arkonstudio sh.p.k, Licensed in designing No.Liç. E.1174/2 ,Licensed in Supervision  and building Commissioning No. Liç. MK.0487/4.

Arkonstudio ltd

Limited liability company

Address: Rr.Frosina Plaku, Pall.21, Sh.A, Ap.5, Tirana, Albania

Founded: Gusht 2014

NIPT: L42019004I

Professional design License: N.6996/4, issued by Ministry of Urban Development

Professional environmental License: LN-9584-05-2015 (Kodi 1.2.A) / LN-3591-07-2017 (Kodi III.2.A)

Membership certificate: Issued  by  Chamber of Industry and Commece